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What makes us

We help accredit and track with technology all the factors that make diamonds ethical, from its social impact to its environmental neutrality. Our standards and certification set a new benchmark for sustainable diamonds with ESG ratings and end-to-end provenance.

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End-to-end traceability

Track and document the complete supply chain of a diamond from its mining/growing to certification or studding.

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    Sustainability Audits

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    Source Verification

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    Manufacturing Journey

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    Certification Tracking

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    ESG - CSR Claims


Have a question that isn't answered?

Yes, this solution is applicable to all types of diamonds, including both natural and lab-grown varieties.

We ensure data security and confidentiality in our traceability services through robust encryption protocols, stringent access controls, and continuous monitoring. Our systems are designed to safeguard sensitive information at every stage, from data collection to storage and transmission, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to relevant data.

Yes, our traceability solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing supply chain systems, allowing for smooth implementation and compatibility with current processes.

Implementing traceability and sustainability practices in the diamond industry offers a multitude of benefits, including ethical sourcing, enhanced transparency, regulatory compliance, environmental responsibility, positive social impact, meeting consumer demand, brand building & differentiation, and risk mitigation.