Yes, this solution is applicable to all types of diamonds, including both natural and lab-grown varieties.

We ensure data security and confidentiality in our traceability services through robust encryption protocols, stringent access controls, and continuous monitoring. Our systems are designed to safeguard sensitive information at every stage, from data collection to storage and transmission, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access to relevant data.

Yes, our traceability solutions are designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing supply chain systems, allowing for smooth implementation and compatibility with current processes.

Implementing traceability and sustainability practices in the diamond industry offers a multitude of benefits, including ethical sourcing, enhanced transparency, regulatory compliance, environmental responsibility, positive social impact, meeting consumer demand, brand building & differentiation, and risk mitigation.

Our team of seasoned experts assists clients in navigating the complex landscape of sustainability reporting and compliances. We help organizations identify and understand the specific regulations, frameworks & guidelines, providing supports in establishing robust Reporting System, setting targets etc., applicable on Carbon Net Zero, Carbon Neutrality, actions on UN-SDGs, etc.

Our sustainability practices adhere to rigorous certifications and standards, including, ISO 14064 for Carbon Footprint calculation validation, ISO 14001 for Environment Management System, B Corp Certification, SMETA, and RJC Compliance & many more. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to transparency, accountability, and environmental stewardship in all aspects of our operations, ensuring that our sustainability efforts meet globally recognized benchmarks for excellence.

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